Revelo Resources Corp. is a Vancouver-based exploration company focused on the acquisition and exploration of world-class mineral systems in Chile. Revelo, together with its subsidiaries, is committed to the effective management of safety, health and environmental hazards and risks in relation to its exploration activities, and is committed to working in a socially responsible way and having a positive impact on individuals, communities and regions that are within its sphere of influence. Please click here to review our Charters & Policies


Revelo recognises that its exploration work may have social impacts on individuals, communities or regions, and has established a commitment to operate ethically, responsibly and with accountability.

Revelo strives to make positive, constructive and long-lasting contributions to the communities and regions in which it operates. This includes hiring local labour and staff wherever possible, proactively involving the community in corporate activities and actions, and helping meet local social and environmental needs.



The primary objective of the company is to maximize returns for its shareholders, but Revelo believes no action towards this goal should be taken at the expense of safety, health, environmental or social considerations. With a philosophy based on respect, dialogue and transparency, the company believes long-term returns will be maximized only by striving to emulate best practice, and integrating the interests of all stakeholders with the activities and actions of Revelo. Such stakeholders include employees, local residents, communities, suppliers and governments at all levels.

Safety, Health & Environment

Recognizing that there are specific safety, health and environmental hazards related to mineral exploration activities, Revelo strives to identify those hazards, reduce or eliminate the risks of unwanted events that could result in injury, deteriorated health or a degraded environment, and consequently contribute to a safe working environment and minimise the overall impacts of its activities wherever possible. Revelo will provide sufficient resources, implement appropriate systems, controls and barriers, and will provide training for employees where necessary, in order to avoid incidents and accidents and to minimise the company's overall impacts. The company will comply with relevant local standards and legislation.