Colla Kananchiari

Colla Kananchiaria (previously Bronce Weste) is located along the Coastal Cordillera of northern Chile, and is characterised by several epithermal veins prospective for copper and gold, as well as a large hydrothermal alteration zone with porphyry copper characteristics. The property is located a few kilometers to the west of the historically important El Bronce de Petorca mining district.

  • Northern Chile, 57 Km SE of Los Vilos
  • 8 km W of El Bronce de Petorca Mine (Cía Minera CanCan)
  • 100% Masglas America Corporation SpA
  • Revelo retains a 1.0% NSR Royalty interest (uncapped) on precious metals and a 0.5% NSR royalty interest (uncapped) on base metals
Property Size
  • ~ 3,800 Ha
Deposit Type
  • Polymetallic Veins and Porphyry Copper
  • Easy access - main paved road towards the town of Petorca, and then well-maintained dirt road
  • Modest altitude of approximately 1,500 m