Redondo-Veronica is situated along the Domeyko Cordillera porphyry copper belt in northern Chile, which is host to some of the world’s largest copper deposits and mines. The property is located along a highly prolific segment of the Andean Cordillera, and is centred just 40 km north-northeast of the giant La Escondida (BHP Billiton & Rio Tinto) copper mining district.

  • Northern Chile, 150 km ESE of Antofagasta
  • Centred 40 km NNE of the giant La Escondida (BHP Billiton & Rio Tinto) Mining District
  • 100% Revelo
Property Size
  • ~ 5,000 Ha
  • Available for Option & JV
Deposit Type
  • Porphyry Copper (+/- Mo) – Oxide Copper
Exploration Stage
  • Reconnaissance geological mapping and sampling
  • Dirt roads leading off from the Antofagasta to La Escondida paved road
  • Altitudes ranging from approximately 2,400 m to 3,000 m